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Hounslow Green Party Local Candidates in the 2018 election


The full list of the Hounslow Green party candidates in the Local Elections in 2018 is shown below:


Olivia Cannakamma, Chantel Wetzel and Luke O’Gorman stood in Bedfont. In 2014 the Green Party stood one candidate in Bedfont.


Victoria George, Tony Firkins, and Tom Beaton stood in Brentford. 

Victoria George

Victoria has lived in Brentford for twenty years. Now retired, her background is in NHS management.  She takes a close interest in the building development and planning for the area.

Tony Firkins

Tony has lived in Brentford for over 30 years. He works for a mobile phone network operator.  He has worked with the Green Party to develop national policies to help prevent catastrophic damage from global warming.


Tom rides a bike regularly and supports the development of Cycling Superhighway 9 (CS9).

In 2014 the Green Party stood one candidate in Brentford. 

Chiswick Homefields

Maggie Winkworth, Martin Bleach and Nicole Ruduss stood for the Green Party in Chiswick Homefields.

Maggie Winkworth

As a counselling psychologist Maggie is particularly interested in the support and development of local mental health services and community projects which currently struggle to survive, let alone expand, as is urgently needed.

Martin Bleach

In 2014 the Green Party stood one candidate in Chiswick Homefields. 

Chiswick Riverside

Daniel Goldsmith, Fay Miller and Jane Forrester stood for the Green Party in Chiswick Riverside. 

Daniel Goldsmith

Daniel lives in Chiswick with his wife and two sons and is a keen cyclist and supports Cycling Superhighway 9 (CS9).

In 2014 the Green Party stood three candidates in Chiswick Riverside. 


Jon Elkon, Jack Ridley and Freya Summersgill stood  for the Green Party in Cranford.

Jon teaches Business and Martial Arts part-time at Featherstone High, a multicultural school in a very deprived area.  His commitment to his pupils has been rewarded with several awards for Enterprise, including the prestigious Pearson’s Teaching Award (South East). He has been Union Representative, representing the teachers in disputes with management and looking after their interests. He is a published author of satirical fiction and has a blog at jonelkon.com. His Collected Poems will be published this Spring.

Jon’s involvement in politics began with work for Anti-Apartheid, fighting racism and discrimination. Nowadays, his commitment is to protecting and improving the environment, with an emphasis on air pollution and noise pollution in Cranford specifically.   He said “The proposed third runway at Heathrow will inevitably result in a huge increase in cars on our roads, more aircraft, as well as other forms of transport. The consequence will be an increase in pollution. It is essential therefore that we have articulate and powerful Green voices in the council to work on alleviating and mitigating the effects on the environment in Cranford and the entire borough”. 

Jon will work tirelessly on protecting our environment for the sake of every resident of Hounslow and will be a strident and informed voice when it comes to education issues, ensuring our children do not suffer any more from the effects of cuts to school budgets.

Jon said “Local politics needs Green voices. The local environment needs guardians who are not in the pockets of business or vested interests. Hounslow needs Greens more than any other borough now.”

In 2014 the Green Party did not stand any candidates in Cranford. 

Feltham North

Anthony Agius, Leah Lopez and Elly Lewis Holmes stood for the Green Party in Feltham North.

Anthony Agius

Anthony Agius represents Hounslow Green Party on the London Federation of Green Parties and is a regular responder to Government and GLA consultations on environmental matters.

Leah Lopez, who will appear as Leah Hammocks on the ballot paper, is a 21 year old support worker for young people with Autism. She is mostly concerned about plastic and air pollution. She would also like to focus on the NHS and restoring Hounslow's youth services that have been decimated.

Leah said “The most important thing I really want to work on is the plastic pollution, I feel like something really needs to be done here.”

In 2014 the Green Party stood one candidate in Feltham North. 

Feltham West

Stephen Barber, Tim Harris and Sylvia Osterreicher stood for the Green Party in Feltham West.

Stephen is passionate about animals, and when possible attend protests in order to raise awareness for issues which detriment their quality of life or their habitats.  He also cares deeply about animal welfare, recycling, climate change, and poverty.

Tim is a keen cyclist and campaigns with Hounslow Cycling.

Sylvia is a member of the Spiritual church in Hounslow and she has been interested in politics since the age of 12.  Sylvia cares about health policies and the NHS, Heathrow airport and child sexual abuse and rape.  She is passionate about fighting corruption.  She said “corruption is encouraged when big corporate companies can lobby the government behind the scenes and the individual men and women of this country don’t get a say”.  Sylvia is worried about the impacts of climate change.   

In 2014 the Green Party did not stand any candidates in Feltham West. 


Karl Brinkley, Craig Holmes and Donna McKeown stood for the Green Party in Hanworth.

Craig Holmes is the vicar of St Richard’s Church and vice-chair of the Governors, St Richard’s CE Primary School.

He commented “I say No to Austerity which has a disproportionate impact on the most deprived communities”.

In 2014 the Green Party stood one candidate in Hanworth.

Hanworth Park

Barry Dunn-Sims, Steve Gough and Naomi Landy stood for the Green Party in Hanworth Park.

Steve Gough

Steve Gough is a writer who has worked in radio, TV and the theatre over many years and won two BAFTA drama awards along the way.

He grew up in the Welsh valleys in a village called Gwaelodygarth which means 'at the top of the bottom of the Garth mountain'.  At an early age he experienced the ravages of modern 'civilisation' when the beautiful deciduous woodland near the village was torn down to create a conifer forest.

A cyclist still, in his late sixties, he is a keen supporter of alternative energy sources, especially those which are on a local, human scale. This is why Steve is especially interested in supporting local community action on the environment and other key areas.

In 2014 the Green Party did not stand any candidates in Hanworth Park.

Heston Central

Sergejs Adamovs, Heather Broadbridge and Benjamin Ginsborg stood for the Green Party in Heston Central.

Benjamin cares deeply about animal welfare, pollution and climate change.

In 2014 the Green Party did not stand any candidates in Heston Central.

Heston East

Phil Clarke, Jenny Firkins and Dave Wetzel stood for the Green Party in Heston East.

Dave Wetzel

Dave is the former Vice-Chair of Transport for London and was first appointed by Ken Livingstone when he was an independent Mayor.

Dave is an activist who has extensive experience in transport, community action and land reform.  He currently consults and speaks around the world on environmental and land use matters especially how authorities can use annual land value tax to make better use of urban sites and reduce urban sprawl.

In 2014 the Green Party stood one candidate in Heston East.

Heston West

Xaviera Black, Adam Hagerty and Hannah Murray stood for the Green Party in Heston West.

Xaviera is a nineteen year old arts student who understands the challenges facing people, and the World at large and is standing for what she believes in, for the good and welfare of others.

In 2014 the Green Party did not stand any candidates in Heston West.

Hounslow Central

Mary-Ellen Archer, Annie Morrish and Katie Wilmot stood in Hounslow Central.

A former actress now aged 89, Annie is likely to be the most senior candidate standing for Hounslow Council.   Annie would like to control air pollution and take local actions to reduce the impact of climate Change.

In 2014 the Green Party stood one candidate in Hounslow Central.

Hounslow Heath

John Friend, Britta Goodman and John Hanniffy stood for the Green Party in Hounslow Heath.

All three live in Hounslow Heath Ward and wish to tackle local problems that are being neglected by Hounslow’s Labour Council.

An expert on climate change, Britta Goodman wants to import a model of success from Germany where Green stands for quality of life and economic success. A joyful cyclist and mother, she wants to see air pollution tackled, more parks and green spaces for Hounslow and better support for local businesses.

John Hanniffy was a busman at Hounslow Bus Garage for many years. His goal is for better recycling (especially from street collections), to improve Hounslow services for our senior citizens and to restore Labour’s cuts to Hounslow’s services for young people.

In 2014 the Green Party stood one candidate in Hounslow Heath.

Hounslow South

Simon Davenport, Pawan Saunya and Jessica Spiring stood for the Green Party in Hounslow South.

Simon Davenport said “I am passionate about the environment. As a dive master I have seen first-hand the damage being wrought globally by plastic pollution, something that we can all do something to combat on a personal level.”

In 2014 the Green Party stood one candidate in Hounslow South.

Hounslow West

Liz Bridgman, David Juritz and Mariette Labelle stood in Hounslow West.

Mariette Labelle

Mariette, originally from Canada, is a mother of three children.  She works as a self-employed yoga teacher and learning support assistant in a local Special Educational Needs (SEN) school, cycling in between venues and jobs.  Health and well-being, disability rights and eduction for special needs, and global peace are very important to Mariette.  She is an activitist with London Campaign against the Arms Trade (CAAT) and campaigns against the Arms Trade, and also against Heathrow expansion and for cleaner air.  

In 2014 the Green Party stood one candidate in Hounslow West.


John Ferris, Andrew Hatton and Rebecca Warren stood in Isleworth.

Rebecca is an active Hounslow Green Party member who supports Amnesty International and Friends of the Earth. Rebecca wants Hounslow Council to improve education, fight the NHS cuts at West Middlesex Hospital and to improve the lives of Isleworth residents.

In 2014 the Green Party stood one candidate in Isleworth.

Osterley and Spring Grove

Emily Grassi, Luke Scott and Andy Smart stood for the Green Party in Osterley and Spring Grove.

Emily cares about animal welfare.  She believes in the importance of educating the older and younger generation alike on the importance of recycling, environmental awareness and climate change, which she sees are inevitably intertwined with social and humanitarian issues.

In 2014 the Green Party stood one candidate in Osterley and Spring Grove.


Andrea Black, Fiona McIver-Wilson and Stefan Wells stood for the Green Party in Syon. 

Andrea Black

Andrea Black is a local actress, singer, song writer and author of children's books She founded the Tabard Theatre in Chiswick.  Andrea said “Having just returned from a trip to South Africa, I have seen how disparity and poverty, destroys hope and desire. We all want the best for our children, and our children want the best for us.”

In 2014 the Green Party stood one candidate in Syon.  In 2010 they stood three candidates.

Turnham Green

There will be no Green candidate standing in Turnham Green ward and no Liberal Democrat standing in Brentford ward. Both parties believe that because of the unfairness of the first past the post voting system that this is the best way to get more diverse voices on the council.


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