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Hounslow Green Party Local Manifesto 2018 elections


Climate Change

Atmospheric level of carbon dioxide and other green-house gases will cause significant climate change in the coming years, with many serious impacts. 


There is much that Hounslow can do to reduce its emissions and when elected the Green Party will:

  • reduce Hounslow’s carbon dioxide emissions by 80 per cent below 1990 levels by 2025
  • insist on Passivhaus or equivalent energy saving building standards for all new build, both residential and non-domestic
  • insist on the use of Enerphit or equivalent energy saving building standards for all major refurbishments, both residential and non-domestic
  • sign up Hounslow council to the Local Government Association initiative “Climate Local"
  • support the use of electricity generated locally, by renewable resources by individuals, community and municipal companies and phased withdrawal of use of natural gas.  Local renewable energy might include hydro-electric energy from the River Thames.
  • support initiatives within Hounslow where policies to address climate change confer additional benefits such as positive health outcomes, economic opportunities, training  and building skills, for example, the CS9 cycle route.

Local Planning and the Built Environment

Planning decisions affect many generations to come.  We will protect our precious green spaces in Hounslow and ensure that any development is balanced with the necessary infrastructure. 

Hounslow Heath

We will:

  • protect and enhance Green Belt, Metropolitan Open Land and Open Space to maintain its openness, quality and permanence.
  • impose a moratorium on further development of Brentford, which is a focus for housing growth in the borough, until local infrastructure issues such as transport, doctor’s surgeries and schools and air pollution have been addressed.
  • provide mixed housing developments of at least 40% social rented housing.  A further 10% will have rents based on the ability to pay for those on minimum wage.  All housing developments will be designed so they are fully accessible to people with disabilities or impaired mobility where topographical or other significant constraints do not prevent this.
  • support London being a National Park city.
  • oppose any parkland or nature reserves in Hounslow being put into any other use.
  • ensure that trees are replaced in public places. If a tree needs to be removed, at least one tree, and ideally two, shall replace it.
  • promote public spaces and buildings that are fully accessible to people with disabilities and impaired mobility including access by wheel chairs, mobility scooters and prams
  • increase green areas in Hounslow of 10% by 2030.

We support the local Hounslow manifesto for Parks.


 Air pollution kills over 100 people in the Borough annually and causes many respiratory illnesses.  It is a basic human right to breathe fresh air.

Exhaust pipe

When elected we will:

  • take urgent action to address air pollution and take measures to bring air quality within EU and WHO guidelines
  • decrease air pollution specifically by reducing vehicle use and increasing public transport, cycling and walking
  • assist the London mayor in implementing Clean Air London’s policies.
  • demand that the The Ultra Low Emission Zone is extended to include the whole of the borough of Hounslow meaning that a toxicity charge 'T Charge' is imposed on older high-polluting vehicles
  • build public understanding of air pollution with advice for people on protecting themselves and reducing pollution for themselves and others.


We will fight Heathrow expansion.  We will make it easier to get around by bike and foot, and improve public transport.  

Transport madness

When elected we will:

  • oppose a third runway at Heathrow airport
  • oppose more terminals at Heathrow airport
  • oppose night flights at Heathrow airport (10pm to 6am)
  • support runway alternation without exceptions except emergencies. This provides respite to residents.
  • limit in noise levels from aircraft in line with WHO guidelines (50 dB LAeq 16 hours noise contour) to avoid moderate annoyance in outdoor living areas.
  • work with Transport for London to build the Cycle Super Highway 9 linking the town centre of Hounslow, Brentford and Chiswick by bicycle, including an upgrade to cycling along Chiswick High Road
  • we will improve the safety and accessibility of the cycle lane running along the A4 through Brentford and Hounslow
  • provide a network of connected green and open spaces and quiet ways for cycling and walking between town centres in the borough and safer routes to schools. Cyclists and walkers take priority over cars.
  • improve secure cycle parking at stations and other areas where they are in short supply.
  • enforce restrictions on dangerous parking at junctions and on cycle ways that puts pedestrian and cyclists lives at risk.
  • support a rail link from cross rail at Southall to Brentford by 2021.
  • support a rail link from Hounslow via Brentford to Willesden Junction by 2021.
  • lobby for more frequent Sunday services on the Hounslow to Waterloo line.
  • enforce speed limits of 20 mph in residential streets in Hounslow and main roads used by pedestrians, such as the A316 outside Chiswick Community School.
  • provide charging points for electric vehicles in off-road  parking locations and for the use of electric car clubs.
  • improve bus services along the Golden Mile Brentford.

Other policies

The Hounslow Green Party focuses particularly on the four topics highlighted above: Transport, Planning, Climate Change and Air Pollution. We also support a wide range of policies covered by the London Green Party and the national Green Party. These will inform what we support and what we oppose as elected Hounslow councillors.

We support the London Green Party manifesto 2016 and we will work with the London Green Party assembly members Sian Berry and Caroline Russell to achieve this programme in Hounslow. 

In particular see London policies on:

Jobs and Businesses

  • We still depend too much on financial services in London and the undue influence of the biggest of big businesses. We support cooperatives and smaller businesses. We support taxation powers being devolved to London and the councils to allow Land Value tax and eco-taxes to be introduced locally. (Page 16)

Sian Berry

Policing and Communities 

  • We support the Metropolitan Police service getting the resources it needs to tackle crime and increase community cohesion. We support increases in funding of youth services and mental health services. Cuts to these services have left the police dealing with the consequences in often tragic ways.  (Page 20)

Caroline Russell

Equality and Diversity

  • More equal societies are healthier and happier, with lower levels of violent crime. We will work to reduce the pay gap between the highest and lowest paid staff in Hounslow council and its suppliers. (Page 26)

We support the national Green Party manifesto 2017 and we will work with the Green Party MP Caroline Lucas to achieve this programme in Hounslow. 

Caroline Lucas

In particular see national policies on:

A Green Economy

  • We believe our economy should be for the benefit of communities and the environment. We support phasing in a 4 day week and ending the gender pay gap. (Page 4)

Membership of the EU

  • We continue to believe that membership of the EU makes our future more hopeful and secure. We support a referendum on the detail of whatever deal is negotiated for Britain’s departure from the EU, with the option to reject the deal and remain in the EU. (page 8)

NHS and Public Services

  • We will stand up for the NHS - we want it to be protected not privatised. We aim to close the NHS spending gap by providing an immediate cash injection, to ensure everyone can access a GP.  (Page 10)


  • We support properly funded schools so spending, in real terms, per pupil increases, and class sizes are reduced. We support scrapping university tuition fees, providing full student grants and greater public investment in further and higher education. We support bringing Academies and Free Schools into the local authority system. (Page 12)

Peace and Defence

  • We would cancel the Trident replacement and support nuclear disarmament. We would not allow any more arms sales to oppressive regimes.  (Page 16)


  • We support the introduction of proportional representation (PR) for parliamentary and local council elections, and we support votes at 16.  (Page 20)

Please see below our manifesto for the Local Elections in 2018.  If you have any questions please Click on this link to e-mail us.  We will be glad to hear from you!

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