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“This is not democracy” says Labour MP

22 November 2017

Hounslow Green Party applauds Ruth Cadbury’s call for Proportional Representation when she spoke in Westminster Hall on 30th October 2017.  

Hounslow Green Party members were in the audience when Ruth Cadbury explained that many electors voted Labour in Brentford and Isleworth to keep the Conservatives out, and some would have preferred to vote Green or Liberal Democrat.  They were not able to register their true preference because of the current broken “First Past the Post” electoral system.  “This is not democracy” she said.

Ruth Cadbury has agreed to be co-chair of the Labour Campaign for Electoral Reform.

The Westminster Hall debate was triggered by a government petition started over a year ago by Make Votes Matter co-founder Tim Ivorson, which gained 103,495 signatures and is the first full discussion of the issue in seven years. Details of the Debate are on the Make Votes Matter website. 

Diane Scott, who stood aside for Labour in the 2016 election said “a key factor for us making the one-off decision to not field a Green Party candidate was the strong commitment from Ruth to support electoral reform.” 

Victoria George, the Hounslow Green Party campaigns officer said “I believe that greater diversity leads to better decisions.  With Proportional Representation the Green party gets fair representation. We need more Green MPs - this is a critical time for environmental issues, and the Green Party gives them the priority they desperately need. When PR is used, we get proper representation.  So, for example, in the 2016 London Assembly elections we got 8% of the vote and, rightly, two seats. Since then, one of the Green Party Assembly Members, Caroline Russell, has been actively supporting our campaign for better air quality and cycling in Hounslow: all of a sudden, the Green Party has influence!”.


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