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57 Green Party candidates to stand in the 2018 local election on Thursday 3rd May

15 April 2018

Electors in the 2018 local election on Thursday 3rd May will be able to vote for three Green Party candidates in every ward in Hounslow, with the sole exception of Turnham Green.  57 Green Party candidates will be standing.  In the previous local election in 2014 the Green Party stood 17 candidates.

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Tony Firkins

Tony Firkins, who is standing in Brentford said “The present two Party system in Hounslow is bad for democracy.  The addition of a few Green councillors on Hounslow Council will allow the council to better represent the views of people who live in Hounslow.  We will take a stronger stand on Heathrow, and are committed to fighting the third runway.  We will push for a ban on night time flights.  The Green Party is the only political Party that has consistently opposed the third runway at a national level”.

Victoria George

Victoria George, who is also standing in Brentford said “The Greens will make walking and cycling around Hounslow safer and more fun.  We will protect our amazing green spaces, like Brent Lea, where we supported the community action that saved the park.  We will make working with the local community a priority, and we will fight any further cuts to social care and youth services.”

Dave Wetzel

Dave Wetzel, one of the local Green Party election organisers and candidate in Heston East, said "For the first time ever, most Hounslow electors in next month's council elections will have the opportunity to support the Green Party's distinctive reforming policies addressing, human happiness, climate change, traffic pollution, road safety, animal welfare, energy, the green belt and our radical policies on banking reform and annual Land Value Tax”.

“These policies will not only help resolve the current crisis in employment opportunities, social care, the NHS, education and housing but begin to truly tackle poverty in all its many manifestations in the UK and world-wide.”


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