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Challenging Heathrow inside and out

07 August 2019

The Hounslow Green Party attended the latest Heathrow Expansion “Consultation” at the Brentford Holiday Inn on 7th August 2019 in strength.

Green fury over approval of Ballymore car park

01 August 2019

At the Planning Meeting of Hounslow Council on Thursday 1st August, the Council approved the plans for the Car Park on Dock Road, Brentford described by some residents as an “eyesore” and by the Green Party as “an insult to the environment”.

Greens calls for new building to be zero carbon

01 August 2019

At the Planning Meeting of Hounslow Council on Thursday 1st August the Green Party called for the Plot G of the new Ballymore development to be zero carbon.

Greens echo Greta Thunberg

29 July 2019

Hounslow Green Party Co-ordinator Tony Firkins mounted a one-man protest at the entrance of the Ballymore-built car park in Brentford on 26th July.

Hounslow Greens attend Time Is Now

28 June 2019

Hounslow Green Party joined thousands of other campaigners from all around the country at the Time Is Now climate lobby opposite the Houses of Parliament on 26 June.

Hounslow Greens present their Climate Crisis Petition to Hounslow Council

20 June 2019

Hounslow Green Party presented the Hounslow Climate Change petition at the Borough Council meeting on the evening of 18 June 2019, accompanied by Extinction Rebellions (XR) representatives, Friends of the Earth and other concerned citizens.

High Court dismissed Heathrow legal challenges

02 May 2019

On Wednesday 1 May, the High Court dismissed all the legal challenges to the Government’s plans to expand Heathrow Airport.

Labour manifesto for Hounslow 2018 local elections buried?

08 April 2019

The Labour manifesto for the Hounslow 2018 local elections has disappeared from the Hounslow Labour website. Key social and environmental commitments are also not in the council’s recently published Five Year Corporate Plan.

Hounslow Greens March for People’s Vote

23 March 2019

Activists from Hounslow Green Party joined an estimated one million marching through London on the afternoon of 23rd March 2019 to demand a People’s Vote on Brexit.

Climate Change petition receives 450 signatures

21 March 2019

Victoria George and Tony Firkins handed in the petition on Thursday 21 March 2019 at the Hounslow Council Civic Centre.

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