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Greens demonstrate against Heathrow expansion

25 February 2019

The Green Party is strongly opposed to the expansion of Heathrow Airport and demonstrated at the consultation in Brentford on Friday 22 February.

Hounslow Greens launch Climate Change petition

04 February 2019

Hounslow Green Party has launched a petition to the Council to take steps to reduce Climate Change

Zero carbon buildings

04 February 2019

Local councillors accuse us of waylaying them about zero carbon buildings. We would like the council to adopt a more challenging approach. Here are eight key points we would like the council to consider when reviewing planning applications:

Hounslow’s Transport Plan isn’t radical enough

07 January 2019

The Greens are calling for all journeys in Hounslow to be carbon free by 2030, with 80% of journeys walking, cycling or using public transport and the remaining journeys using electric cars or vans.

Heathrow has been given an easy ride by Hounslow council

30 September 2018

Hounslow Council’s Air Quality Action Plan was published on September 11th, 2018. We welcome some aspects but overall the plan is too weak.

Greens fight Heathrow expansion

10 July 2018

Brentford representatives for the Green Party have been busy talking to local residents since the parliamentary vote in favour of the third runway at Heathrow on 25th June.

Hounslow Green Party celebrates increase in number of votes

05 May 2018

The Green Party are grateful to Hounslow's voters for their tremendous support at the local elections on 3rd May 2018 where they received 15,599 votes.

Greens say council is not doing enough to tackle air pollution

29 April 2018

200 Hounslow people a year die as a result of air pollution, many more suffer poor health and what is our council doing about it?

End plastic pollution for Earth Day

22 April 2018

Local Green party activists and supporters marked Earth Day by protesting against the amount of single-use plastic used in supermarkets to wrap food.

Hounslow Green Party release local manifesto

16 April 2018

The manifesto has specific local policies on climate change, local planning and the built environment, pollution and transport, because these are very important to the local Green Party, and the people of Hounslow.

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