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End plastic pollution for Earth Day

22 April 2018

Local Green party activists and supporters marked Earth Day by protesting against the amount of single-use plastic used in supermarkets to wrap food.

Hounslow Green Party release local manifesto

16 April 2018

The manifesto has specific local policies on climate change, local planning and the built environment, pollution and transport, because these are very important to the local Green Party, and the people of Hounslow.

57 Green Party candidates to stand in the local election

15 April 2018

Electors in the 2018 local election on Thursday 3rd May will be able to vote for three Green Party candidates in every ward in Hounslow, with the sole exception of Turnham Green.

Greens and Lib Dems agree to stand aside in two wards

07 April 2018

There will be no Green candidate standing in Turnham Green ward and no Liberal Democrat standing in Brentford ward.

Andrea Black to stand in Syon

02 April 2018

Making a difference - The Founder of The Tabard Theatre to stand as a Green Party Candidate in Syon

Greens Party announces six candidates in Chiswick wards

30 March 2018

Hounslow Green Party has announced that six candidates will stand in Chiswick Riverside and Chiswick Homefields ward.

Green Party join BASH to protest against the 3rd Runway

28 February 2018

Campaigners faced the cold to protest against Heathrow expansion at a consultation event run by the Airport on Tuesday.

Tom Beaton to stand in Brentford

12 February 2018

Hounslow Green Party has announced that Tom Beaton will stand in Brentford in the 2018 local election.

Heathrow expansion will damage local peoples’ health

05 February 2018

Hounslow Green Party has replied to the recent government consultation about Heathrow expansion. The Greens believe that the extra air pollution and noise will damage local peoples’ health.

Tony Firkins to stand for Brentford

29 January 2018

Hounslow Green Party has announced that Tony Firkins will stand for Brentford in the 2018 Local Election.

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