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Green fury over approval of Ballymore car park

1 August 2019


Ballymore car park

At the Planning Meeting of Hounslow Council on Thursday 1st August, the Council approved the plans for the Car Park on Dock Road, Brentford described by some residents as an “eyesore” and by the Green Party as “an insult to the environment”. Objectors were only given a total of five minutes between them to state their objections, which were environmental, amenity-based, legal and archaeological.

Tony Firkins

In his submission, Tony Firkins of the Green Party said “This huge car park will produce considerable greenhouse gases, both from the concrete and steel used for its construction, and because it is encouraging driving in the area.  Hounslow council have declared a Climate Change emergency.  How can they let it go ahead?”

Representatives from Brentford Voice spoke were allowed to speak for only two and a half minutes.  They used this time to object to the poor design and the inappropriateness of “this monstrosity” in the historical context of the High Street. Jim Storrar pointed out that the building was almost completed without prior planning permission. He added that local residents are angry at the Council’s failure to halt the project until full planning permission could be obtained. He said that people do not like the height and appearance of the building.

The GLA have earlier commented “The proposed 508 car parking spaces are wholly unacceptable as they are likely to attract more car trips to Brentford High Street, which is already congested, and will worsen air quality.  They are contrary to draft London Plan Policies T1, T2 and T6 and the Mayor’s Transport Strategy and must be reduced to 150 spaces in line with the S106 requirement”.

Despite these objections the planning committee granted planning permission on the basis that “the building conforms to the requirement that it should not exceed 30 metres in height”.

 “It’s a farce”, said Jon Elkon of the local Greens. “This monstrous building is not needed and sends the wrong message to the local community, yet still it was approved”.

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