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Dave Wetzel joins Hounslow Green Party

9 April 2015

Dave Wetzel has left the Labour Party to join the Green Party. 

Dave is the former Vice-Chair of Transport for London (first appointed by Ken Livingstone when he was an independent Mayor), Labour Leader of Hounslow Council in the 1990s and the last Chair of the Greater London Council's Transport Committee in the 1980s.

Dave is now active with Hounslow Green Party and organises the “100% Green” campaign to find suitable Green Party candidates in more constituencies around the country.

Dave Wetzel with Tony Firkins and Daniel Goldsmith

 Dave is an activist who has extensive experience in transport, community action and land reform.  He currently consults and speaks around the world on environmental and land use matters especially how authorities can use their tax systems to make better use of urban sites and reduce urban sprawl. 

 Dave is an expert on annual Land Value Tax.   Not only is this Green Party policy but is also supported by the Co-op Party and recommended by the Institute for Fiscal Studies.  Dave is President of both the Labour Land Campaign and the International Union for Land Value Tax (Founded in 1926). 

 For eight years Dave was the first Vice-Chair of Transport for London where he helped introduce cycling improvements, the London Congestion Charge and the many new policies for improving bus services that led to a doubling of bus passengers.   As the Labour Leader of Hounslow Council from 1987 to 1991 Dave initiated Hounslow Urban Farm at Bedfont, Chiswick swimming pool, equal opportunity policies, and several new bus services like the H21. When Chair of the GLC's Transport Committee between 1981 and 1986 Dave led the team that initiated London Transport’s Travelcard, station improvements, the Docklands Light Railway, enabled Thames Link, introduced the London Lorry Ban, improved cycling, funded Dial-a-Ride and Taxicard for people with disabilities and made London’s roads safer.

 Dave Wetzel said “I was first elected a Hounslow Councillor back in 1964 at the age of 21 and will always be indebted to The Labour Party and West London voters for giving me the opportunity to serve my community in a number of ways. However, after 50 years membership of the Labour Party, joining the Green Party has been like a breath of fresh air.

 The member involvement and open democracy in the Green Party is intoxicating and supporting Green Party policies like addressing climate change, annual land value tax, abolishing the waste of money on Trident nuclear subs, the Basic Income, real banking reform, bringing the railways back into public ownership, the £10 per hour minimum wage, no to unnecessary austerity budget cuts in a rich country like ours, fair voting with proportional representation, a wealth tax and no Green Party whips to enforce discipline mean that Britain could become a much fairer and less wasteful country with the common good put before the private profits of bankers and the ultra rich.” 

Daniel Goldsmith, Green Party Candidate for Brentford and Isleworth, said, “Dave Wetzel is a passionate, wise and kind politician, with an unblemished record of public service at the highest level of local government. 

He is a great asset to Hounslow Green Party, and has given us sage advice on strategy and fund raising.  He has a very positive vision for the future of Hounslow Green Party.  We are very fortunate to have him in our Party.  Having such an experienced politician join us gives us confidence that we are on the right track”.

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