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Diane Scott to stand in Brentford local by-election

12 June 2015


Diane Scott at a local parkDiane Scott will represent the Green Party in the Brentford by-election on 9th July.  Diane is a medical researcher and has campaigned for better patient care in the NHS.

She has lived in Hounslow for more than 30 years.

Diane helped set-up a local Transition movement to raise awareness of climate change and declining oil supplies.  She is a keen Green Party activist and and is also a Trustee for Omushana a charity that helps children in Uganda.

Diane has a steely resolve to stop the Labour juggernaut running over the people of Brentford.

Diane's promises

Diane will oppose Heathrow expansion because of the noise, traffic and pollution

Diane will support Brentfords' local economy and will help launch the “I buy in Brentford” label joining consumers, local shops and local events.

Diane will ensure our parks and public spacesremain public and accessible to all and are NOT developed or privatised.

Diane will require more transparency in council  decisions and improve councillors accessibility and accountability.

Diane will support Brentford museums (Watermans, Music, Steam) to become the cultural hub of West London.

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