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30 December 2016

As we get ready for 2017 with friends and family, our co-leaders Jonathan Bartley and Caroline Lucas have an important message for everyone. You can watch the video of the message here


Let’s be honest 2016 has been sh*t.

Refugees drowning.

The far-right rising.

The EU referendum campaign.


And the hottest year on record.


But as co-leaders of the Green Party we see different stories. Stories from right across the country. Stories of hope.


For every racist headline – there’s someone opening their door to a refugee.


For every attack on our environment there are people who are fighting for clean air, clean water and clean energy.


For every cut to our health service there are doctors, nurses and patients joining together to defend our most precious institution.


Now is a time to reflect on the year that’s just passed and to look forward to the year ahead.

Especially after the year we’ve just had.


But New Year’s Day isn’t a reset button, or a blank piece of paper Today’s challenges will still be with us. They won’t be any less scary, and they won’t be any easier to tackle


But as far back into history as you want to go you can find the seeds of the future


We’ll be building on decades - centuries even - of compassionate, progressive politics. Like when nanas took on the fracking industry and won. When the first gay couple got married a few years ago. When the suffragettes demanded the vote.


Yes, 2016 has been tough.

But the past isn’t made out of neat twelve month blocks. Change doesn’t just turn up on the 1st of January each year. It’s ongoing, it’s fluid, it's unpredictable


That’s why we have to keep nurturing the seeds of the future we want to see a future that’s already here if you know where to look.

And as co-leaders of the Green Party that’s what promise to do.

When they build walls, we will build bridges.

When they call us citizens of nowhere, we feel that we are citizens of the world.


And when they act like fascists, we will call them fascists.


So this is our message to you at the end of 2016: Nobody owns the future. Not Donald Trump. Not Nigel Farage. Not Theresa May.

We have to fight for the future we want to see a future based on fairness, on equality, on hope

Change won’t come overnight, not even on New Year’s Eve.


But it will come.

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