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Green Party Candidate visits River Crane to highlight environmental damage

7 December 2011

Daniel at the River CraneDaniel Goldsmith, Green Party candidate for Feltham and Heston in the forthcoming By-Election, visited the River Crane with other members of Hounslow Green Party today to highlight the harm caused by the recent leakage of raw sewerage that has devastated the wildlife in the river. 

Daniel said, "It is heartbreaking to see the damage caused to this lovely river, which will take years to completely recover.  I have enjoyed walking here with my family.  It is a very sad for local residents, who won't be able to enjoy this river properly for a long time."

Inspecting the damage at the River Crane

The leak occurred when the valve, used for controlling flows, jammed closed on the morning of Saturday October 28th in a trunk sewer at Cranford Bridge on the A4 Bath Road while engineers carried out routine maintenance.   The only thing left alive in the river is a species of snail which had the ability to seal its shell when oxygen levels plunged. 

Daniel continued  "Thames Water must immediately commit to pay to put the river back to how it was, since it was the failure of their equipment which caused the damage.  In the long term we must look at the level of fines for environmental damage so they are tough enough to force companies to carry out proper risk assessment before they start work.  It is wrong to put profit before protecting the environment."

Jenny Jones the Green Party candidate for Mayor of London said "Daniel's commitment on this kind of issue shows how much he has his finger on the pulse with local concerns.  As a campaigner he is able to make the link between environmental issues and the everyday lives of his community, something the Green Party is all about.  Whether within individual wards, City Hall or Parliament itself, we're holding those in power accountable and improving the quality of life of the capital's inhabitants. In this way Daniel would make an excellent MP for Feltham and Heston."

In a similar incident on the River Wandle Thames Water was only fined £50,000 after they appealed against the initial fine.

Thames Water Utilities Limited reported profits of £146 million in six months to 30 September 2011. 

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