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Green Party join BASH in bitter cold to protest against the 3rd Runway

28 February 2018

Campaigners from Hounslow Green Party faced the cold with Brentford & Hounslow Stop Heathrow Expansion (BASH) members to protest against Heathrow expansion at a consultation event run by the Airport on Tuesday, 27th February, 2018.

Tuesday’s bitterly cold weather meant the number of attendees was low at the consultation event, held at the Holiday Inn.  But snow and ice weren’t enough to deter the campainers, who attended the event to remind attendees of the plans for more noise and pollution in Brentford and Hounslow from expansion at the airport, should it go ahead.

Campaigners at Brentford

Maggie Thorburn, spokesperson for the BASH,said: “This consultation is simply a PR charm offensive on the part of Heathrow Airport Limited.

“We wanted to be present at Tuesday’s event to speak to Brentford residents and provide them with an opportunity of a reality check; Heathrow are acting as if expansion is a done deal.

“If you do respond to this consultation, be aware that your answers will be interpreted as in favour of the new runway unless you preface each answer with ‘no expansion at all.’ By choosing a preferred option for how the expansion might look, as the consultation invites, it becomes more a case of ‘what flavour would you like your poison?’.

“Heathrow expansion means more toxic air pollution and aircraft noise for our area and is incompatible with climate change targets without restricting growth at every other airport in the UK for the next 30 years. Regardless of how Heathrow dress this up, the facts cannot change.”

Heathrow expansion would mean an extra 260,000 flights each year, taking the total to 740,000 per year (an increase of 54%). This equates to 700 extra flights per day. 

BASH is a community campaign group based in Brentford and a member of the No 3 Runway Coalition, which unites community groups, councils, MPs, NGOs, trade unions and environmental organisations opposed to the expansion of Heathrow Airport.

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