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Greens and Lib Dems agree to stand aside in two wards

7 April 2018

Because the deeply flawed first past the post (FPTP) voting system favours the two largest parties in Hounslow and penalises alternative parties, Hounslow Greens and Hounslow Liberal Democrats have agreed to stand aside in two of the Hounslow wards in May’s Hounslow London Borough elections.

Consequently, there will be no Green candidate standing in Turnham Green ward and no Liberal Democrat standing in Brentford ward. Both parties believe that this is the best way to break through the Blue/Red ceiling which the FPTP voting system inflicts on Hounslow.

Both parties agree that Hounslow Council is less representative and its decision-making is poorer for not having the benefit of Liberal Democrat or Green voices in the Council Chamber, but this electoral pact do not imply support for each other’s policies locally or nationally.

Both parties would also like to thank all those voters who voted for them in the past in these wards. 

Both parties also hope that our supporters who wanted to vote Green in Turnham Green or LibDem in Brentford will agree with us that the constraints of the electoral system have forced us to make some difficult choices to get more diverse voices on Hounslow Council.  Both parties will continue to fight hard to change the outdated electoral system.


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See the full results at http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/special/vote2012/assembly/


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