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Activists from Hounslow Greens join many others at anti austerity march

17 April 2016

On Saturday 16th April Hounslow Green Party joined with Green Party members from all over the country - from Trafford to Cornwall - as part of the 150,000 strong Anti Austerity Demonstration - with Trades Unions, Junior Doctors, CND and many other groups joining in a common goal - to voice their outrage at the cuts imposed on public services by David Cameron and his government.

Activists at demo

Green Party Leader Natalie Bennett spoke at the rally in Trafalgar Square: “We want all of the Tories out, not just David Cameron. We have a vision of a different kind of society. A society that works for the common good.” She was joined by many others including John McDonnell, the Shadow Chancellor. Rallying cries also came from Trades Union leaders including Len McCluskey of Unite: “The establishment shames our democracy. It is up to all of us to work together and send a clear message – that we will fight, fight, fight for a better tomorrow.”

Speakers at the demo

 More action is planned for Sunday 8th May - a walk backwards along Whitehall organised by Campaign against Climate Change:

 May 8th: Going Backwards on Climate Change - London (12pm - 2pm)

No more UK backtracking on climate! Since May 2015 clean energy technology has been sidelined in favour of a dash for gas, insulation cut and fracking, roads and runways pushed through despite strong local opposition. So what better way to mark the government's one year anniversary than to march - backwards - down Whitehall? A creative and colourful protest that will make a serious point: we're running out of time to act on climate change, and we can't afford to go backwards. More information on the march and the government policies we're protesting about are on our website.

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