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Greens oppose Youth Service Cuts

20 February 2017

Hounslow Green Party supports local Youth Services and is opposed to proposed cuts to the Hounslow Youth budget of £650k.

Mariette Labelle, the Hounslow Green Party membership secretary, has written to the Council on behalf of Hounslow Green party, requested prioritisation of four key services, and asking Hounslow Council to support Sian Berry’s City Hall budget amendment to fund these services centrally. 

 Mariette said “I was shocked to find out about these proposed cuts which will hit some of our young people, and their parents, hard.  I know that the Council have budgetary pressures, but this is not the right way to save money.  Hounslow Green Party will fight these cuts, and other interested parties should contact the council with their concerns before the consultation closes on 6th March, 2017.  It is important to communicate support for Sian’s amendment to Sadiq Khan. Hounslow Council and others can show support at http://www.sianberry.london/news/policing/201-01-28-mayor-budget-youth-services/

 Sian Berry is one of the Green Party London Assembly members.  Sian’s report, London’s lost youth services, shows that London council youth services have lost a third of staff and £22 million in funding cuts since 2011. In her report, Sian says that “The impact of these cuts could be devastating. Good quality youth services help young people develop skills, be creative and live positive social lives, and make them less vulnerable to falling into crime or the exploitation of groups like gangs.”   

Hounslow Green Party has requested the prioritisation of:

 1-Phab: This organisation provides essential extra-curricular activities which some youngsters with disabilities cannot access otherwise as mainstream provisions are often unsuitable or inaccessible.

 2- The three Youth Centres (Hogarth, Hounslow and Hanworth)

 3-Holiday Activities and all Youth Clubs for all age groups: Holiday and after school activities are essential, especially as many parents need to work during school half -terms and holidays.

 4-Citizenship and Participation: This is an important service encouraging youngsters to be involved in making decisions, getting involved with their community, learn how to confidently voice their opinions and concerns, and those of their peers, at parliamentary level.

 Hounslow Green party also suggest that The Good Shepherd Project should be funded by the Army Welfare Service instead of from the Youth Services budget.

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