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Hounslow Green Party celebrates increase in number of votes

5 May 2018

The Green Party are grateful to Hounslow's voters for their tremendous support at the local elections on 3rd May 2018.   With 15,599 votes compared to 8,336 votes in 2014, the Greens polled 7,263 more votes than ever before in a Hounslow council election.

Hounslow Green Party stood 57 candidates, three in every ward apart from Turnham Green. 

Once again, the Greens lost out because of the unfair “First Past the Post” electoral system.  It took 2,112 votes to elect each Labour Councillor, 6,365 each Conservative Councillor but with 15,599 votes the Green Party is not allowed even one voice in Hounslow's Council Chamber.  With proportional representation, the Greens should have had 4 councillors. 

Dave Wetzel, who stood in the Heston East ward said “I challenge anyone to look me in the eye and claim that the council is better off with no Green voices when vital decisions are being made.  Labour may congratulate Jeremy Corbyn for their success but the make-up of the council, with 51 Labour and 9 Conservatives is not healthy.  Labour can steam-roller through poor decisions, like a recycling centre that can’t handle certain plastics.  Our electoral system has stolen a politically diverse council from the people of Hounslow.”

Victoria George who stood in Brentford Ward, where she received 811 votes said "This splendid endorsement for Green Party policies is a strong message to Hounslow's ruling clique that their decisions should reflect the needs of the planet in relation to Heathrow, climate change, pollution, energy conservation and global warming. No doubt people are disturbed by pollution affecting children's health, media coverage of the melting ice caps and plastic pollution in our oceans and realise politicians must take appropriate actions now at local, national and international level if global disaster is to be averted."

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