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Heathrow expansion will damage local peoples’ health

5 February 2018

Hounslow Green Party has replied to the recent government consultation about Heathrow expansion.  The Greens believe that the extra air pollution and noise will damage local peoples’ health.

 Tony FirkinsTony Firkins, the Green Party candidate for Brentford, said “Local air pollution is already above World Health Organisation limits and would get worse with extra traffic if the third runway is built.  It is estimated that over 5% of deaths in Hounslow are attributable to long term exposure to particulate air pollution.  Exposure to nitrogen dioxide is likely to add to that figure.  Court cases, brought by Client Earth, show that the government has no viable plan for bringing air pollution within legal limits, even without expanding Heathrow.”

“The noise levels proposed exceed World Health Organisation guidelines for urban areas.  It has been shown that high levels of aircraft noise are associated with increased risks of stroke, coronary heart disease, and cardiovascular disease and to worsening mental health.”

“In addition we believe that building a third runway is not consistent with greenhouse gas emissions targets to prevent runaway climate change. Targets which are already well above those compatible with the UK meeting the Paris agreement”.

Victoria GeorgeVictoria George, who is also standing for the Green Party candidate for Brentford said “Huge economic benefits are claimed for the proposed expansion. But the government’s own figures reveal that, with all costs included, the total benefit would be very small, or even negative.  Are we willing to sacrifice local peoples’ health and well-being for this?"

Heathrow launched its own consultation on 17th January. This covers both airspace design and physical changes on the ground. The Greens believe this is a public relations exercise rather than a genuine desire to take community views on board and vital information such as proposed flight paths is missing.  

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