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6 November 2015

Hounslow (6/11/2015) - Last night at a London Borough of Hounslow planning meeting the thirteen year long application for Hounslow Central, promoted by Barratt was approved. The complex means an investment of over £100 million in Hounslow town centre, 500 plus homes, four blocks of heights between five to ten storeys, shops at street level and problematically, a 27 storey tower.

While Hounslow Green Party see some features of the development very positively, like the cinema design, and creating a landmark for Hounslow, the 27 storey tower is a major constraint. Nicholas Fekete, spokeperson for Hounslow Green Party said: “It is an eye sore, it will destroy Hounslow's town centre character and my heart goes to the Hounslow Central Residents Association which were totally ignored. This 27 storey tower represents all what is wrong with planning legislation and the current economics behind London’s' developments, ignoring existing architectural features and overriding the character of an area”.

The development means a complete change of Hounslow's town centre by demolishing existing commercial and residential buildings as well as building in the ASDA parking lot. While the Green Party is not against the development, the tower and the process for which Hounslow Council ignored residents and local businesses representations was quite astonishing. "I was present at the planning meeting last night” Fekete continued, “and the planning officers acted as better sales people than the developers and the architects. I was shocked, and saw a Council that has forgotten who are they working for”. 

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