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Greens not included in Hounslow Hustings

7 October 2019


Victoria George

Victoria George, the Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for the Green Party for Brentford and Isleworth was disappointed not to be included in the hustings to be held at the Gurdwara Temple in Hounslow on Sunday 13th October. 

Victoria said “We need free and fair elections, and equal representation at hustings is part of that.”

“Our unfair ‘first past the post’ voting system means that smaller parties can get side-lined, both by the media and at events like this.  It can be a vicious circle, with the spotlight only on who has the competitive edge between the ‘main’ parties. If we had proportional representation, the views of all voters would be reflected in the make-up of government – nobody would feel they were wasting their vote and  the balance would shift further towards issues and policies rather than being so tangled up with tactical voting and fixed tribal loyalties.”

“Recent elections in Europe have shown marked increases in the green vote, and in the recent European Elections, England & Wales Greens returned seven MEPs, up from our previous three.  In the 2016 London Mayoral campaign Sian Berry came third, beating the Liberal Democrats into third place.  Notably, these elections have been PR ones”.

“In the 2015 Brentford and Isleworth parliamentary election the Green Party were neck and neck with the Liberal Democrats, and my predecessor, Daniel Goldsmith, got 2,120 votes which was only 185 votes less than the Liberal Democrat candidate.”

“I will go along on Sunday.  I will be pleased to get a chance to hear what the three candidates represented have to say at this point in our incredibly turbulent path to the next general election. I may even get a word or two in!  One thing is clear: we are seeing the fragmentation of the larger parties and I for one hope that this ushers in a fairer voting system.”

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