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Heathrow Greens highlight need for Hounslow superhighway from Kensington to Heathrow

16 April 2016

Caroline Russell, the lady set to replace the Green Party Baroness, Jenny Jones, on the London Assembly, was in Hounslow to talk to local cyclists. She was taken on a tour of the route of the proposed cycling superhighway by members of the local cycling campaign. Caroline has been active as a campaigner for pedestrian rights for many years and wanted to discuss ways in which cycling facilities could be improved to make it safer for everyone.

Caroline near Kew Bridge

 Caroline Russell, Green Party’s Transport Spokesperson and Candidate for the London Assembly said:

 "Hounslow needs far more action from the Mayor of London to make cycling a safe alternative to public transport or car use.  There simply aren’t enough of the high quality lanes that we desperately need to navigate safely alongside huge roads like the A4.  Elected Greens at City Hall would be far more ambitious and give people the chance to cycle safely right across Hounslow, whether they were eight or eighty. If elected, I would push for the cycling superhighway to go from Kensington to Heathrow. It is about reducing traffic and pollution in both central London and around outer London congestion hotspots. It is also about health, well-being and creating streets that people of all ages are happy to use whether they are walking or cycling.”

Andree Frieze, London Assembly candidate for the South West constituency said:

 “It is clear that Hounslow and outer London have missed out on the London Mayor’s cycling revolution. I cycle practically everywhere I go and know how bad conditions are for cyclists on many of Hounslow’s roads, especially the A4. Much more needs to be done to create safer roads that everyone feels happy to use, whether they are on foot, or a bike, or in a vehicle. I would love to be elected to London’s City Hall so that I can push for more investment in public transport, cycling and walking in outer London.”

Caroline in Brentford at the A4

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