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Ioana-Simona Voicila to stand in Feltham North

10 December 2019

Hounslow Green Party has selected Ioana-Simona Voicila as their council candidate for the Feltham North ward.  The election will happen on 12th December, 2019, the same day as the General election.

 Ioana-Simona Voicila

Ioana said “I became a member of the Green Party for the love of the environment and the desire to make a difference in tackling the climate change issue that is at its core nowadays. I believed that Green Party would help me in this adventure and it did. As a result, I am a nominated candidate as a Borough Councillor for the Feltham North ward, one of my biggest achievements as a member. This represents a moment of pride and contentment because I am part of a social and political party that, in the political arena, is fighting for environmental and economic prosperity, social and political justice and general security.”


“The Green Party represents a movement that is getting bigger nationally and internationally and I am more than grateful to represent such a powerful movement that becomes stronger and more educative every day. The Green Party is our chance of making the world more sustainable, fairer, and our solution to keep the humans, animals and plants home, Earth, in good hands and to preserve it for the future generations. Join us and become a hero, be green, choose the Green Party!”

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