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Labour manifesto for Hounslow 2018 local elections buried?

8 April 2019

The Labour manifesto for the Hounslow 2018 local elections has disappeared from the Hounslow Labour website.   Key social and environmental commitments made in the manifesto such as a green procurement policy, a local energy co-operative and a Special Planning Policy to help make new developments more energy efficient are also not in the council’s recently published Corporate Plan for 2019-2024.

Tony Firkins, the Hounslow Green Party co-ordinator wanted to compare the Corporate Plan with the Hounslow Labour party manifesto for 2018.  When he searched for the manifesto he found that most links to it no longer worked, including one on the Hounslow Labour website.

Tony Firkins

Tony said “Even if you work carefully and systematically it is difficult to delete files from the internet.  Search engines cache files, and copies are kept of the original files elsewhere.  Fortunately the Chiswick Calendar kept a copy of the manifesto on their website that I could access.  We have now moved a copy of the Labour manifesto to our own website, so that we can remind the local Labour party of their social and environmental commitments”.

“Hounslow faces a Climate Change emergency.  We would have been delighted to work with the Council to develop a green procurement policy and suggest energy efficiency measures to include in a new Planning Policy.  Instead we find that the Hounslow Labour party is intent on burying the green promises in their 2018 manifesto that the majority of Hounslow voters supported.”

“This is very unfair on the people who voted Labour in the local elections because they thought they had some good environmental policies only to find that these commitments have now disappeared from Labour Party policy.”

Tony Firkins spotted the following pledges mentioned in the manifesto that are not in the Corporate Plan

  • Pledge 122 is to “Support the Mayor's plan for an ultra-low emission zone”
  • Pledge 123 is to “Consult on the introduction of a Clean Air Zone to help protect residents from poor air quality”
  • Pledge 128 is to “Draft a green procurement policy to increase the use of renewal products, packaging and resources”
  • Pledge 108 is to “Draft and consult on a new Special Planning Policy that all developments should include better insulation, renewable energy or green roofs.”
  • Pledge 130 is to “establish a local renewable energy cooperative to reduce the cost of energy, particularly for families on modest incomes”
  • Pledge 131 promises “no library closures, no building on parks or greenbelt”


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