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Don’t go for gas at Morrison’s say Greens

10 July 2020

Tony Firkins, the Hounslow Green Party co-ordinator, and Secretary of the Green Party Energy Policy Working Group, spoke passionately against the gas fired boilers included in the latest amendment to the planning application for the Morrison’s development during the Hounslow Planning Meeting on 9th July, 2020.

Tony Firkins

Tony Firkins said “There is a climate emergency.  Evidence of this continues to mount and we have less and less time to address it.  Hounslow Council declared a climate emergency over a year ago and this needs to be taken very seriously in planning right now. So it is shocking that the proposed Morrison’s development includes the use of gas fired boilers emitting nearly 100 tonnes of CO2 every year.”

“It is probably going to be quite expensive to retrofit this development to be truly zero carbon once it has been built with the current energy design. With the UK’s desire to be zero carbon by 2050, this will have to happen before 2050 and Hounslow Council would like this to be much sooner by 2030.” 

We are pleased to see that the scheme has been changed to provide an uplift of affordable housing from 25% to 66%, improve the quality of accommodation to be provided and would retain the large retail food store on site, but the use of gas fired boilers is a serious flaw to the scheme.”

The planning application LPA case number is P/2019/2892 and the GLA case number is 4126a. 

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