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Residents to be sacrificed in Brentford plans?

29 January 2017


A packed public meeting at St Paul’s Church on Friday 27th January heard about a proposed development at Morrisons store on Brentford High Street and also plans for the Watermans, Max Factor and police station sites.  The plan at Morrisons is to build blocks of flats up to 10 stories high; and for the property development company, Essential Living, to maintain and manage the site as all flats will be rented.   56 out of the total 225 homes (25%) are at discounted market rent.   The Hounslow Local Plan calls for at least 40% of homes in new developments to be affordable.   

The panel included Essential Living and Cllr Theo Dennison and the meeting was chaired by former councillor Andrew Dakers.

We believe that the overwhelming reaction of public was opposition to these schemes, which are huge, ugly and completely out of character for the area.  They will dwarf other buildings including St Paul’s primary school, crowding them in and reducing daylight.

Cllr Dennison admitted that Brentford is already suffering from lack of infrastructure. But then he surprised the audience by saying that in deciding on the planning applications, the council would not take account of the extra pressures on schools, hospitals, public transport or air pollution.

Opposition turned to genuine anger when local residents surmised that Essential Living, with the collaboration of Hounslow council, were prepared to sacrifice the environment and quality of life of existing residents in order to build luxury flats at prices way beyond that which ordinary people on average wages can afford.

We support new affordable housing and would like the application to be reworked so that it provides the necessary new infrastructure and more affordable homes including provision for the homeless and vulnerable.

To view the Morrison’s planning application please follow the link to http://planning.hounslow.gov.uk/Planning_Index.aspx , accept the terms and conditions and search for P/2016/5573.

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