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Greens Prepare for Snap General Election

9 September 2019

Jacob Rees-Mogg reclines


Whilst Jacob Rees-Mogg lounges indolently on the government front benches Hounslow Green Party is preparing for a General Election.

Hounslow Green Party will field two candidates, one in Brentford and Isleworth and one in Feltham and Heston, and expect to be announcing the candidate for Brentford and Isleworth on Sunday 15th September, ready for the most important election for years.

Hounslow Green Party believes that a snap election will be called later this year with Brexit centre stage.  The Green Party is calling for a People’s Vote to settle the issue once and for all. 

Daniel GoldsmithDaniel Goldsmith, Hounslow Green Party Press Officer said “Nobody voted for a no-deal Brexit. The Green Party believes that people should have a say on the final deal, including the option to remain. We are seriously concerned about the effect on our environment of turning our back on the progress made with our European friends, and the impact of irresponsible future trade deals which will undermine our democratic freedom to protect our environment, food standards and animal welfare.”

“Of course, there are other topics that are more important in the long term, with the climate emergency at the top of the list.  Hounslow Green Party will continue to fight for urgent action to reduce carbon emissions in all sectors.”

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