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Hounslow Greens attend The Time Is now climate lobby

28 June 2019

Hounslow Green Party joined thousands of other campaigners from all around the country at the Time Is Now climate lobby opposite the Houses of Parliament on 26 June.  

 Hounslow Greens at Time is Now

All MPs were invited to brief their constituents and Ruth Cadbury, Labour MP for Brentford and Isleworth attended.  Ruth was quizzed by Victoria George, Campaigns Officer, Hounslow Green Party and other campaigners from her constituency on the actions that she would take in the next year on climate change, particularly following the Hounslow Council’s declaration of a Climate Emergency and the UK Governments recent target to have zero carbon emissions nationally by 2050. 

 Victoria George quizzing Ruth

Ruth explained that she now understood much more the importance of controlling emissions from aviation, as these would become a much larger fraction of the total emissions in the future.  She had read the IPCC report and was particularly worried that if the permafrost in the Polar Regions started melting this would cause the release of methane, which would accelerate warming further, because methane is such a powerful greenhouse gas.

She agreed that Hounslow would need substantial funding from central government if they are to meet their target of being climate neutral in the near future. She said she would be working with colleagues on the council and in parliament to press for funding and urgent action.

Thousands of protestors at Time is Now

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