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Victoria George to stand for the Green Party in the general election in Brentford and Isleworth

15 September 2019

Hounslow Green Party has selected Victoria George as their parliamentary candidate for the Brentford and Isleworth constituency.

Victoria George

With her background in NHS management and her strong commitment to her local community, Victoria is well-placed to represent Brentford and Isleworth. She believes there is no time to lose on the priority issues: ‘We must start making real progress on the environment. Government action on the climate emergency has to be faster and more radical. And we must tackle the damage done by years of austerity, damage that in my view plays a big part in the crisis we are in with Brexit.’

Victoria at work

Victoria has lived in Brentford for twenty years. Her background is in public health education and policy. She also worked at a major London hospital overseeing patient complaints and clinical audit.  Later in her career she was a mentor to young people with emotional and behavioural barriers to learning at Brentford School for Girls. 

Victoria George planting treesVictoria runs campaigns for Hounslow Green Party, which this year included organising a petition and protests calling for Hounslow Council to declare a climate emergency, which they duly did.  She is on the committee of BASH, the Brentford-based campaign against the third runway at Heathrow. She says ‘This is a crucial time to persist with our stand on Heathrow. The community should not have to put up with more noise and traffic, and expansion contradicts UK climate change commitments.’

On Brexit, Victoria says ‘The Green Party believes people should have a vote on the final deal including the option of remaining in the EU.  But whatever is decided we are still facing the climate emergency, as well as all the social problems that such an unequal society gives rise to. Our vision is about facing up to these real challenges, telling the truth and working with others for a good society and a habitable world for future generations’.

‘We need more Green MPs to push for the rapid changes we need to make to avoid climate catastrophe.  As activist Greta Thunberg says, ‘Humans are very adaptable: we can still fix this. But the opportunity will not last for long.’

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