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Greens calls for new building to be zero carbon

1 August 2019

At the Planning Meeting of Hounslow Council on Thursday 1st August the Green Party called for the Plot G of the new Ballymore development to be zero carbon.

In his submission, Tony Firkins, Hounslow Green Party co-ordinator and Secretary of the Green Party Energy Policy Working Group, said “The Council have declared a Climate Emergency.  There is a London Plan to address the climate emergency.  It states that all new buildings must be zero carbon by 2019.”


Tony Firkins

“This planning application is to add 30 residential units to Plot G.  The Energy Strategy proposes to heat the units with natural gas.  Burning natural gas creates carbon dioxide.  The Hounslow Carbon Offset Fund only allows offsetting, if the developer is unable to deliver a reduction in CO2 emissions on site Reduction on this site is possible by using heat pumps and renewable electricity. Offsets are not justified.” 

“This application comes to planning in 2019, when all new buildings should be zero carbon to comply with the London climate emergency Plan.  Planning permission for use of gas and offsets should therefore not be granted.”

Greens were encouraged when the Hounslow Council planning officer, Kosma Nykiel, said that he takes the climate emergency very seriously. He said that the council would work with Ballymore to make sure that future plans were aligned with the emergency.

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