‘Put pedestrians first’ say Greens

20 January 2022

Diane with the LCCTransport for London has recently (5 January) launched their consultation on the extension of Cycleway 9 from Brentford to Hounslow.  The consultation ends on 16 February 2022. Hounslow Green Party is generally supportive of the extension of Cycleway 9 following the work, still in progress, to improve safe and efficient cycling through Chiswick and Hammersmith.  But the effects on other road users, particularly pedestrians must be carefully considered.

Stephen Clarke

Stephen Clark, Green Party candidate for Brentford West for the local elections in May, said, ‘The future of transport in cities lies in regular and reliable public transport, cycling and, most importantly, walking. Private motor vehicles – while necessary for some – are generally overused, and it’s time we recognised how wasteful, environmentally unfriendly and undermining of our quality of life they really are.  It’s in the spirit of progress that we welcome the proposed completion of Cycleway 9. ‘

‘But we must put pedestrians first.  We will be scrutinising the detail to ensure that older people, parents and small children and other walkers can negotiate the modified road layouts safely and without unnecessary inconveniences to their journeys.  We will also want to ensure that buses, and their passengers, can travel safely and swiftly without delays from other motorised transport.’

The Green Party would like to encourage as many residents as possible to join in the consultation process.