Freya Summersgill to stand for Greens in Brentford East

24 January 2022

Hounslow Green Party have selected Freya Summersgill to stand in East Brentford in the Hounslow local elections in May 2022.

 Freya Summersgill

Freya said “I am a Brentford resident with a young family and a passion to improve our local environment and support actions for a more sustainable and equitable society. I am standing to give Brentford the opportunity for a stronger green voice in a one-party council.”  

“Now is the time to push for the initiatives that support our future: measures to reduce the dangerous levels of air pollution; infrastructure to encourage active travel; support for our green spaces to grow and thrive and to demand future developments provide sufficient sustainability and community benefits before they are given planning permission. Hounslow council declared a climate emergency, but we need to implement solutions faster to address this emergency and create a better world for our families. I have the experience and expertise through my day job to scrutinise council decisions and support our sustainability goals. I am a civil engineer by trade with a PhD in geotechnical engineering. I design and construct building and infrastructure foundations with a sustainability role to develop net zero designs and encourage reuse/retrofit and circular economy principles.”

Freya Summersgill

“Within our local community, I volunteer with young people, building their confidence and independence by offering the opportunity to try new activities and explore their community. I have run weekly meetings for two local youth groups for the past 7 years, encouraging the young people to be involved in supporting their community including at the Ealing Half Marathon, Ealing food bank and local park/nature reserve maintenance.”

“A vote for me is a vote for a passionate environmentalist and youth advocate with the experience and knowledge to demand a sustainable future for our community.”