Green Party select Zbyněk Šimčík for Heston East

14 February 2022

Hounslow Green Party have selected Zbyněk Šimčík to stand in the Heston East ward in the Hounslow local elections in May 2022. 

Zed outside

Zbyněk works as a consulting engineer helping to deliver better buildings fit for the 21st century. He supports the Unicef charity and London Cycle campaign, is campaigning for safer roads for all road users, tries to reduce his carbon footprint in everyday life and also fights the local litter problem. He objects to Heathrow expansion.  Zbyněk is a keen cyclist and mountaineer. 

Zbyněk says “I want the world to be a better, cleaner, more sustainable place to live for myself and all other living things.  We should all think a bit more outside of the box, take a second look and consider all opinions around the table.  We should be prepared to exchange a little bit of convenience for what is the best for the environment.”

Zed outside