Green Party announces Feltham candidates in local election

7 March 2022

Hounslow Green Party have selected Chantel Wetzel to stand in Feltham North and Dawn Ellis to stand in Feltham West in the local elections in May 2022. 

Chantel WetzelChantel says “I live in Feltham and work in the Borough in retail.  I want people to have the opportunity to vote for a party that is concerned with policies that matter to them like protecting the environment for our future generations.  I support Green Party policies especially addressing climate change, pollution, and animal welfare.  Animals need our protection and the Green Party cares about all animals, including farm animals, wildlife, greyhounds, and racehorses, and of course our pets.” 

“The Green Party has many policies to address poverty and our unfair economy, and I especially support annual Land Value Tax which would allow us to reduce taxes on workers and collect unearned incomes in order to pay for better public services such as education and health.”

Dawn EllisDawn says “I am a storyteller, performer, voice coach, dancer and gardener.  I am standing for the Green Party because I want us to stop spoiling our environment.”