Green Party confirms Chiswick candidates in local election

9 April 2022

Hounslow Green Party confirm that Jon Elkon, Martin Bleach and Astrid Hilne will stand in Chiswick Homefields, and William (Bill) Hagerty, Elanor (Elly) Lewis-Holme and Andrea Black will stand in Chiswick Riverside in the local elections in May 2022.  No Green Party candidates will stand in Chiswick Gunnersbury, because of an agreement with the Liberal Democrats aimed at breaking the two-party monopoly in Hounslow. 

Jon ElkonJon Elkon taught at Featherstone High, a multicultural school in a very deprived area.  His commitment to his pupils was rewarded with several awards including the prestigious Pearson’s Teaching Award. He has been Union Representative, representing the teachers in disputes with management and looking after their interests. He is a published author of satirical fiction and poetry and runs a local self-defence and Karate Club. 

Jon’s involvement in politics began with work for Anti-Apartheid, fighting racism and discrimination. Nowadays, his commitment is to protect and improve the environment.   Jon said “Local politics needs green voices. The local environment needs guardians who are not in the pockets of business or vested interests.” 

Martin_BleachMartin Bleach in an IBM system engineer who has been active in the Green Party for decades.  Martin says “"I got involved to protect our childrens' future. As consumers, we avoid companies who prioritise only their own short-term profits. As voters, we have a responsibility to make sure Hounslow does the same."





Astrid HilneAstrid Hilne has lived in Chiswick for the last twenty years and her family have lived in West London since the 1960s.   As a storyteller and drama practitioner she often explores environmental issues.  She collaborated on a dance and spoken word performance for families at the V&A museum, about the future of travel, and told stories in Hyde Park, highlighting the importance of birds in London and the effect of pollution on their habitats.

Astrid says “To live a good life we must treat the world that we live in with respect and love.   Voting Green is the logical and positive choice for a brighter future.  I have seen the impact of urban growth on the local area and support community initiatives to counter this, such as creating gardens in abandoned spaces; volunteering to water young trees planted by Hounslow Council; and working with children and adults to grow fruit and vegetables at a local Chiswick school.”

Bill Hagerty

Bill Hagerty is a journalist, author, and editor with extensive experience as a writer and critic across a broad spectrum, from film and theatre to sport and politics. Twice an editor of Fleet Street newspapers, plus a period as acting editor of the Daily Mirror, he subsequently edited the highly praised media magazine British Journalism Review, of which he remains chairman emeritus, and all eight volumes of the unexpurgated Alastair Campbell diaries.   Until recently a trustee of the Journalists’ Charity, he has worked as a film and theatre critic and written two books on the British media. He lives with his journalist wife, Liz Vercoe, at Strand on the Green, where they have been for more than thirty years. Their son, Adam, is a documentary film maker and Bill’s son, Will, a national newspaper executive and daughter Faith the headteacher of a West London school. Bill is a director of the London Press Club.  Bill says “I am proud to be representing the Green Party in an election crucial to the ongoing campaigns to deal with the ecological and climate change issues that become more important with each and every breath we take. Most European countries have seen the Green parties establish themselves with their electorates as major contributors and activists in the field. Surely it is time for the British voters to catch up.”

Elly Lewis-Holmes

Dr Elly Lewis-Holmes is a Chiswick resident, mother of two, and a clinical psychologist working for the NHS.  She has been campaigning for environmental and social justice issues since the 1990s and has been a member of the Green Party since 2010. Elly says “I believe that local communities can come together with the wisdom and resources needed to address the current climate and ecological emergency”.