Green Party confirms final selections for local election in May 2022

9 April 2022

Hounslow Green Party confirms the selection of Sergejs Adamovs to stand in Hounslow West and Rashid Wahab to stand in Osterley & Spring Grove in the Hounslow local elections in May 202

Sergejs Adamovs Sergejs says: “I've been with the Green Party for a number of years now. In my professional career I am a project manager with a game localisation company. 

As an activist my passion lies in fighting for environmental and social justice, opposing classist tax hikes for the working class and generous tax breaks for the wealthy, as well as fighting against discrimination of any kind. I've been a part of much protest action over the years including XR, BLM UK, and anti-austerity demonstrations.”

“I've been a resident of Hounslow for over a decade and observed the frustrating lack of care our wards are receiving.   As a councillor I would fight for more environmentally friendly policies, cleaner and safer streets, as well as more involvement of local community in the affairs of the ward.”

Rashid WahabRashid says: “I am a stronger believer in making a real positive change to the lives of our people, communities, and country through the Green Party. I have been involved in Climate Change and Sustainability programmes for over ten years and have worked in both the Public and Private sector. My work involves helping organisations transform themselves through positive Environmental, Social and Governance.”

“I spend my time with my two daughters, my work on sustainability and climate, and supporting families with children who have additional needs. In my spare time, I go to the gym regularly and plays various sports.”

Hounslow Green Party will stand 26 candidates in the local elections.  Each ward will have at least one candidate, apart from Gunnersbury, where the Greens are standing aside for the Liberal Democrats.  There are three candidates in each of the Chiswick wards, and two candidates in Brentford West, where the Liberal Democrats are standing aside for the Greens.