Hounslow Green Party releases local election manifesto for May 2022 local elections

18 April 2022

Hounslow Green Party have released their manifesto for the local elections in May 2022.   We will make the London Borough of Hounslow a greener and more pleasant area, where we can all be proud to live.  We pledge to take local measures to reduce our dependency on fossil fuels, cut pollution, clean our rivers, and make it easier to get about.  We will ensure more local services are provided before any new buildings are finished”.

Our manifesto covers Climate Emergency, Local planning, Pollution, Transport, Health, Policing, Greener and More Vibrant Neighbourhoods, Jobs and Businesses, Parks and Open Spaces, Local democracy, Waste, Divestment and Procurement.

The promises made by the council to tackle pollution, congestion, and climate change are meaningless without informed and proportionate action. The council is just not going far enough and quickly enough.  We need Green Party councillors elected in Hounslow to ensure change happens.  You can help, Vote Green on 5 May 2002.