Greens get warm response on doorstep

24 April 2022

Activists from Hounslow Green Party have been receiving a warm response whilst out canvassing in Brentford.

Green candidates Stephen Clark and Tony Firkins about to set forth with their team

Stephen Clark, who is standing for the Green Party in Brentford West in the local elections on 5 May 2022, said “We’re getting great support from residents for our campaign.  People are utterly fed up with the main parties and are seeing the advantages of having green councillors in Hounslow.  In Brentford West this is a fight between us and Labour.  Conservatives are nowhere to be found”

“With a fair proportional voting system, the Greens would already have five councillors and, with the Lib Dems stepping aside in Brentford West, we are feeling optimistic that we can win our first Hounslow seats, and force Labour to start listening to residents.”