Greens to campaign for electoral reform

10 July 2022

Hounslow Green Party will support the campaign groups Make Votes Matter and Get PR
to introduce Proportional Representation for Westminster Elections. The Greens aim to persuade Hounslow Council to join other London Boroughs and pass a resolution to “write to the government calling for a change in our outdated electoral laws.”

Hounslow Green Party plan to work with others to raise a petition to the Council.

Stephen Clarke

Stephen Clark, the Green Party local election candidate for Brentford West said “Rishi
Sunak’s resignation letter to Boris Johnston says that he firmly believes the public are ready to hear that truth. We agree and the truth is that we have had terrible governments for a long time that treat us all with contempt. For example, the government's refusal to quickly transition our energy consumption to renewables, and insulate our homes, despite Green Party complaints about lack of action has led to huge energy bills, and leaves us unable to support Ukraine by refusing Russian gas.”

“The root cause of this misgovernment is an electoral system that leads to large,
unrepresentative parliamentary majorities where Green and other voices are silenced. As
Ruth Cadbury, our Labour MP said ‘this is not democracy’.”

To support our campaign please contact us by email .