Katharine Kandelaki to stand for the Greens in Feltham and Heston

15 May 2023

Hounslow Green Party have selected Katharine Kandelaki to stand as the Green Party candidate in the constituency of Feltham and Heston in the next parliamentary election.

Katharine Kandelaki

Katharine says: “I am a qualified solicitor working with the National Health Service and have over 15 years of experience working in the law, commercial property, and healthcare sectors.  I carried out pro bono work on the nuclear power consultation in 2009/2010, and campaigned for a Public Inquiry into whether nuclear power is the correct choice.”

“We can do more and we must act now to resolve our climate crisis; our priorities should be to protect our environment, which includes safeguarding human and animal life on planet earth.  I will fight to implement a green road map with long-term and short-term actions to protect current and future generations.”

“I care deeply about air quality, protecting our natural spaces and trees, and restoring areas for ecological development, and the development of a politico- economic system where there are effective incentives and significant investment in carbon sequestration projects and sustainable developments such as on-shore and off-shore wind energy and solar energy, tree planting, soil and coastal restoration and the reduction of pollution.”

I will fight for the Green New Deal, for changes that will be more inclusive for the less well off, and political change which is based on a fairer and more modern taxation system, to include the implementation of legislation and current laws to protect humans and the environment.”