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Daniel Goldsmith

Daniel Goldsmith Daniel Goldsmith was the Green Party candidate for Brentford and Isleworth in the 2019 general election

Daniel is an experienced and well regarded IT manager with a reputation for getting things done and for being approachable and supportive.  He lives in Chiswick with his wife and two teenage sons.  

Daniel said “I will be calling for a fairer and more sustainable society, and urgent action to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions.  If we don’t act the scientific evidence tells us that we will see runaway climate change.”

“I first marched to a Camp for Climate Action in Kingsnorth over ten years ago.  I have been campaigning with Hounslow Green Party ever since against pollution, the Third Runway and Climate change.  This year I helped organise the petition and protest that spurred Hounslow Council to declare a climate emergency.”

“I am a keen cyclist and have spoken in support of improvements to local cycling infrastructure.” 

“I am friendly and approachable, and at work I have a reputation for getting things done.” 

Daniel lives in Chiswick with his wife.  He has two sons at University.  Daniel is an IT consultant and works in Brentford.


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