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Diane Scott

Diane Scott

Dr Scott is a senior medical researcher, with a specialist interest in immunology.  She has campaigned against air pollution and recently co-ordinated measurements which highlighted the dangerous and illegal levels of air near the A4 in Brentford. 

She helped set up Chiswick Transition, to encourage people to live more sustainably by growing their own food or using locally farmed produce where possible and to raise awareness of climate change and declining oil supplies.

She has lived in Chiswick in the Grove Park area for more than thirty years and is mother to two sons, a daughter and has a young grand-daughter. Now retired, she is a Trustee of Omushana, a UK charity working to help local children in Uganda.

Diane joined the Green Party because she became very worried about the impacts of human activity on climate change. Her first action was to join the flash mob demonstrating against a third runway at the opening of Heathrow Terminal 5.  She was also attracted by Green Party policies on equality and social justice.

She continues to campaign against the expansion of Heathrow airport. She is particularly worried that Heathrow expansion will lead to even worse air pollution locally, as well as increased noise and carbon emissions.

She would like to see better provision of patient care in NHS, particularly mental health care. She firmly believes in a free publicly funded and publicly provided NHS and an end to creeping privatisation and cuts.

Diane voted against Brexit.  She respects the opinion of the electorate, and believes that any deal should safeguard the rights of Britons living in the European Union and members of the European Union living in the United Kingdom.  She will fiercely oppose any watering down of the strong environmental and labour protection offered by the existing European laws.

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