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Tom Beaton - elections agent

Tom Beaton

Tom has been a member of the Green Party in Hounslow for the past twelve years.   He believes that every policy proposal should be looked at in terms of its long term impact, not just on whether it will look good tomorrow.  "It should be a very rare event for a council to enter into a contract for something as straightforward as road resurfacing over a period of 25 years" he said.  "It might get the council out of a fix today, but the next generation of council tax payers is going to suffer."

His main method of transport locally is his bike, and when travelling further afield he often takes his locally-made folding bike with him on trains or buses.   He said, "I'm disturbed to see teenagers streaming out of school at the end of the day but so few bicycles in sight.   We have got a serious and urgent job on our hands to make the roads safer, and welcoming to new riders."

If elected Tom will promote better ways of reaching consensus decisions about very local issues like residents' parking schemes.

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