Hounslow Green Party



Tony Firkins


Tony FirkinsTony Firkins is our candidate for Feltham and Heston in the nextelection.  He is also our local party co-ordinator.


Victoria George


Victoria GeorgeVictoria George stand down as our candidate in Brentford and Isleworth in the General Election. 

She stood for the Brentford Ward in the local elections.

Mariette Labelle


Mariette LabelleMariette Labelle is our membership officer. One of her roles is to greet new members.


Christabel Keenan


ChristabelChristabel is our local party contact. She keeps in touch with all our members.



Karl Brinkley


Karl BrindleyKarl Brinkley is our Treasurer.




Daniel Goldsmith


Daniel GoldsmithDaniel Goldsmith is our joint press officer.





Jon Elkon


Jon ElkonJon Elkon is our Campaigns manager and is also our joint press officer.

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