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Climate change

We are on a mission to reduce CO2 emissions in Hounslow!

Click here to see why we need to reduce emissions to zero by 2030 in the UK to keep global warming to 1.5C.

We  launched a petition to the Council to take steps to reduce Climate Change.  The petition received 450 signatures.  Tony Firkins and Victoria George presented the petition to the council and a climate emergency was declared in Hounslow!

Local councillors accuse us of waylaying them about zero carbon buildings.  Here are eight key points we would like the council to consider.

Air Pollution

Air PollutionAir pollution is lethal. Why is Hounslow Council not doing more?  We are working with UCL and Clean Air London to raise attention to this issue.  We also support the excellent work of Air Quality Brentford.

We criticised Hounslow Council’s Air Quality Action Plan, because we don't think it goes far enough.

Please read our report on the Hounslow Air Quality summit on 26th February 2019.

We joined a Mapping for Change project to measure the Air Quality in Brentford, and were disappointed by the results.

No Heathrow Expansion

260000 more planes say no

We are opposed to a third runway which would create even more noise, air pollution, and traffic congestion.

We demonstrated against Heathrow expansion and attached a banner saying "260,000 MORE PLANES, SAY NO" to the canal bridge outside the recent consultation.  We also attended the protest outside the Royals Courts of Justice against the government and were disappointed when the legal challenge was rejected.

We also support local groups like HACAN and BASH, and still believe that a third runway may never be build.  


Diane with the LCC We strongly support the London Cycling's campaign to build continental-standard cycling infrastructure in the capital, so everyone has the freedom to cycle, whatever their route, and whatever their destination.

Cycling has a role to play in reducing Climate change and pollution, as well as being healthy and enjoyable in it's own right.

We believe that CS9 should be built as soon as possible to provide a route from Hounslow into the center of London.

Stand up to Racism

Back HomeWe are against racism and mistreatment of refugees.  We have pointed out the dangers of the racist sticker campaign in Hounslow. 



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